The Social Traffic name comes from Social Promotion and Traffic Exchange. Social Traffic was born on 01 March 2018 and is a network of free social media directories that helps you grow your presence on social networks.

With Social Traffic you will have more visibility on the social networks you use! Getting started with Social Traffic is very simple and completely free. You will only need to enter a real email address in the registration form and start earning coins and advertising your site or social page right away.
Yes. The registration is completely FREE.
There are two types of accounts: FREE and VIP
We accept all kinds of Internet websites, forums or blogs Italians and foreigners.

We do NOT accept websites which:

- Contain pornographic material and / or with adult content;
- Contain pop-ups;
- Contain redirects;
- Open dialog boxes (voting or otherwise);
- Have sliders and malicious code;
- Downloading spyware;
- Have viruses or Trojan;
- Sites with music, sound and movies ACTIVATED automatically;
- Dialer of any kind;
- Are under construction or unreachable;
- It is forbidden to buy coins from the Web or from Social Networks;

We do NOT also accept racial propaganda websites , violent and / or any other website contrary to common decency.

These sites will be deleted immediately.
You can advertise:

- Shortened Links: Links (example: adf.ly)
- Ask: Like
- Facebook: Page Likes, Website Likes, Photo Likes, Events and Share
- Instagram: Likes and Followers
- Pinterest: Followers, Repins and Likes
- Reverbnation: Fans
- Soundcloud: Followers and Likes
- Stumbleupon: Followers
- Traffic Exchange: Real visits - Manual-Surf and Auto-Surf (only VIP)
- Twitter: Followers, Tweet, Retweet and Favorites
- Vk: Friends, Pages and Groups
- YouTube: Views, Likes, Subscribers and Favorites
You can earn credits by visiting other websites, watching YouTube videos, clicking like on a Facebook page and much more.

Alternatively, you can purchase credits to sponsor your pages.
Become our affiliate and you will earn credits and money.

Inside you will find the affiliates section, where there is an affiliate link, an HTML code and a BB code. You can insert our banner on your site or advertise your affiliate link where you want and you will receive:

- 100 coins for each user that sign up to our site
- $0.10 for each user that sign up to our site
- 10% from money spent by your referrals, on our site

You can check all your affiliates and your earnings from the control panel.

To receive commission, your referral must complete at least 50 exchanges at our website.

Users with multiple IPs will be deleted
Credits to sponsor your site or other you decide, obviously more credits and more visits you will have.

- Member FREE: from 1 to 5 credits
- Member VIP: from 1 to 10 credits
All users who visit us every day will have a daily prize in credits.
These credits will be active again after 24 hours.

You must give 50 clicks to receive the bonus!

Membership: FREE (Up to 250 coins) - VIP (Up to 500 coins)
The traffic exchange is divided into seconds, the more credits you offer to visit your website and the more seconds the visitor stays on your page.

Visits: Manual-Surf and Auto-Surf (only VIP)

The credits are divided as follows:

10 coins - 45 seconds (Membership: VIP)
09 coins - 40 seconds (Membership: VIP)
08 coins - 35 seconds (Membership: VIP)
07 coins - 30 seconds (Membership: VIP)
06 coins - 25 seconds (Membership: VIP)
05 coins - 20 seconds (Membership: VIP - FREE)
04 coins - 15 seconds (Membership: VIP - FREE)
03 coins - 10 seconds (Membership: VIP - FREE)
02 coins - 05 seconds (Membership: VIP - FREE)

The visits are real and if a user looks at other pages, the timer stops and starts again when the user returns to your website.
How do I earn?
Earnings by accumulating coins, visiting websites, watching videos and much more

How many coins can I earn for each click?
Users can offer from 1 to 10 coins for one click

Can I earn money even differently?
Yes, you can advertise your affiliate link and earn coins and money

How are the payments made?
Payments are made within one week of the request with PayPal and Payeer

Is there a limit for payments?
Yes, minimum $2 and maximum $10

Are proofs of payment mandatory?
Yes, proof of payment is mandatory.
Anyone who does not send the payment receipt from his control panel will not be able to receive other payments.
You can convert your coins into money upon reaching 5000 coins
Every 5000 coins you will have on your account $1
When you reach $2, you can request payment with PayPal and Payeer
After you delete your account, you can't sign up again with the same username or add that username to another account, and we can't reactivate deleted accounts.

To permanently delete your account:
1 - Go to the Edit Your Account page.
2 - At the bottom of the page, enter the password in the "Delete Account" section.
3 - Click or tap "Delete Account".

Users with multiple IPs will be deleted